Module Time & Activities

Save time on
timesheet management


Overtime hours are now much easier to manage



Améliorer le bien-être au travail
Simplify time and activity management
  • Dematerialized reporting of arrival, departure and break time
  • Interoperability with extern companies (badge makers and payroll software)
  • Overtime is automatically calculated
Fiabiliser les processus de gestion
Reliably track work time
  • Easily manage full-time, part-time, night time schedules, etc.
  • Configure the software depending on your time tracking rules: minimum break time, limit of working hours, etc.
  • Export data to the payroll software without the need to re-enter data
Control company efficiency
  • Analysis of working time by task, project, client, etc.
  • Manage worked hours and track the company activity
  • Manage the provisional and real budget

  • They can easily complete timesheets and send them to their managers for approval
  • They can easily view how many hours they worked and how much they earned
  • They receive an email to approve their collaborators timesheets.
  • They can track projects, money and time they spent on and the budget
Financial department
  • They track efficiency by department, structure, client
  • They analyze costs, margin and profitability by project or user
  • They have data enough to define sales prices and costs



  • An evolutive and flexible HRIS

    Entirely configurable, Eurécia's software can be adapted to your HR and accounting management rules. You can add new modules et users according to your company needs and as it increases.

  • A collaborative and easy to use solution

    As an essential tool that connect CEOs, managers and collaborators, the HRIS Eurécia, is available 24 hours per day, and 7 days a week, on computers, tablets and mobile. Software maintenance and upgrades are automatic and fully supported by Eurécia.

  • A reliable and secure software

    On the market for more than 12 years, Eurécia has more than 100 000 users in 1100 different companies. Security and confidentiality of your data are guaranteed.


IDTGV : client Eurécia
BNP Paribas : client Eurécia
Chronodrive : client Eurécia
20 Minutes : client Eurécia

They choose simplicity for their HR processes

More than 1100 companies, administrations, SMEs, or even associations choose Eurécia to simplify their HR management

Aurélie Piat
Payroll Manager—Videlio

Eurécia’s consultants were very efficient! They adapted the software to our needs, which made a world of difference.

Thierry Decloquement
Managing Director—DG Diffusion

When selecting an HRIS for our company, our number one concern was simplicity.

That part was non-negotiable.



Information and details about time and activities management (timesheet)

Eurécia’s time and activities management is adapted to all type of structures

Eurécia’s time and activities management is adapted to all type of structures.

As an executive officer, controller, manager or project manager, you require a real-time and clear view of the progress of your projects, and the working time of your employees and teams.

The Timesheet application of time and activities management simplifies and make the timesheet process more reliable for your collaborators.

Profitability: management and tracking your teams' time are optimized

Overtime hours are automatically calculated by Eurécia (the software is configured to respect legal constraints) and it tracks the progress of your projects in terms of budget and time spent. Eurécia also helps you have a better understanding of your margin.

Finally, you can edit with a single click your reports and dashboards to have a rigorous control of activity and profitability of your projects.


Timesheet: a unique software to accompany daily your collaborators

Your employees have an efficient tool at their disposal

Your employees can easily and quickly enter their working time (the software is configured according to their working hours), they also can view the accumulation of their hours as they go along and submit their time sheets to their hierarchy for approval (automatic notification emails are sent to both, managers and employees).

The hierarchy or the HR department can then decide to switch overtime hours to a recovery counter managed within the Staff leave and absences management module.

Collaborators attribute their spent time (in hour or days) on analytic accounts as clients, projects or tasks. That make budget tracking (actual or provisional budget) and calculating margin easier for management. They can add an activity report, a meeting report or any other document useful and linked to the activity of the week.

A more detailed view of the project and activities timesheet solution

You can easily customize the axes and reports criteria (no limit on the number of accounts). You activate distribution keys and manage each analytic account according to the expected workload, the planned budget and the billing type (actual-revenue or flat-rate).

Pre-billing is accessible within 1 click.

You avoid the risk of errors associated with re-entries by simply exporting the data to your accounting or other system.

Your managers and management controllers always obtain a fair and analytical view of all the company's activities... and their profitability !