Combine company efficiency
with employee wellbeing



Let’s build together a
brand-new vision of work life


Above all, Eurécia is a state of mind carried by a culture !

Genuine privileged HR partner of the companies, Eurécia is the connection between employees, managers and executives to help them improve economic performance of the company and employees’ wellbeing

Eurécia carries and develops a message of a new vision of working life which is a satisfaction for all, and of the company's social and societal role.

Where everything started !

Eurécia is a SME created in 2006 at Castanet-Tolosan, the story began modestly in a garage and is now being written in the premises of a renovated barn where it is a real pleasure to work.

These premises, which have an industrial loft style, have received an award the “Master Projet Immobilier 2017” by the Lettre M.


A Founder with values and convictions

Above all, Eurécia is the story of an institution and of its founder, Pascal Grémiaux. Between Toulouse and Montréal, he worked in companies of all sizes, in different sectors such as space, aeronautics, web, software publishing, before creating his own company.

Tired of the administrative burden of the big companies in which he has acquired experience, Pascal Grémiaux decided to create his own structure to simplify the daily life of companies. Everything started from an intuition: SMEs would be able to equip themselves with HRIS following the example of big companies and, from a challenge: that they would prefer SaaS mode for its simplicity and efficiency.


Pascal Grémiaux  

Pascal Grémiaux fondateur d'Eurécia


  • 100 000 users/customers

  • 30% of growth
  • 60 collaborators

  • 12 years of existence