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Eurécia is first and foremost a cultural mindset!

Trusted HR partner Eurécia is the missing link between employees, managers and executives wishing to improve their business performance and boost employee wellbeing.

They are also vocal proponents of the importance of positive change in the workplace and its role in enhancing job satisafaction for all, and are strong advocates for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

How it all began

Eurécia was humbly founded in the quaint, sunny French town of Castanet Tolosan back in 2006, with founder Pascal working out of a garage. The company has since gone from strength to strength, and has set up shop in a beautifully-renovated barn nearby.

Eurécia's industrial loft-style premises were even deemed worthy of a “Master Projet Immobilier” award in 2017!


A founder with values and convictions

Eurécia's story is above all that of Pascal Grémiaux and a personal intuition of his. Before he launched his own company, Pascal had worked for companies of all sizes, in a multitude of business sectors such as space, aerospace, online businesses and software publishing.

Tired as he was of the daily admin burden he'd experienced at his past firms, Pascal Grémiaux decided to take matters into his own hands and launch his own company. He had one goal in mind: to make work life easier for businesses, and more specifically, SMBs—as his intuition was that SMBs would follow in the footsteps of larger companies by embracing HRMS solutions. A single question remained, but Pascal was confident: would they opt for a SaaS cloud-based solution such as Eurécia? (they would, as it turned out!)


Pascal Grémiaux  

Pascal Grémiaux fondateur d'Eurécia


  • 220,000 end users

  • 30% growth
  • 130 employees

  • 16 years' experience