HR management, minus the hassle
Enter the future of work
Put the human back in HR
Managing staff shouldn’t be such a headache!
An all-in-one solution to automate and streamline your HR processes
Save time on HR management and improve
Quality of Work Life

Bespoke HR software for all your HR needs

  • HR software designed to grow with you

    Eurécia’s fully customisable solution can be set up according to the inner workings of your company and its various departments. Simply add new modules and users as your company grows and your needs evolve.

  • A collaborative solution, available any time, any place

    Eurécia, an essential HRIS tool that connects CEOs, HR managers and staff, is available to use 24/7, whether via desktop, tablet or mobile. And as a cloud-based SAAS solution, all updates and upgrades are rolled out automatically!

  • Your security is our priority

    Eurécia is trusted by over 200,000 end users and 2,000 firms. We’ve been keeping our clients’ data safe and secure for over 15 years, and guarantee we’ll do the same for you.


Eurécia makes work life easier, for everyone

Image : gain de temps sur l'administration du personnel en entreprise

Save time on administrative tasks

  • A collaborative platform with built-in workflow management
  • Automated processes—never enter the same information twice
  • Payroll management is made easy
Image : une gestion RH stratégique

Leverage your HR data

  • All your HR data in one place
  • Organise, analyse and optimise your HR processes
  • Monitor your HR performance indicators: absenteeism rates, turn-over rates etc.
Image : un SIRH simple et ergonomique pour tous les salariés

Improve well-being in the workplace

  • Admin work is more straightforward and transparent
  • Promote a strong company image and boost employee engagement
  • HR is in a position to capitalise on employees' strengths and capabilities, and to improve Quality of Work Life


About Eurécia:

  • 250,000 users

  • In 3,000 companies
  • From 66 countries

  • 17 years' experience
  • 170 members of staff


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They've gone for simplicity

Over 2,000 companies, public administrations and charities, of various sizes and from a broad range of industries, have chosen Eurécia as their HR management solution.

Aurélie Piat
Payroll Manager—Videlio

Eurécia’s consultants were very efficient! They adapted the software to our needs, which made a world of difference.

Thierry Decloquement
Managing Director—DG Diffusion

When selecting an HRIS for our company, our number one concern was simplicity.

That part was non-negotiable.



A simple and efficient HRIS

A unique HRIS for personnel administration and for developing talents

A unique HRIS for personnel administration and for developing talents. Eurécia gives you the possibility to save time on personnel administration, and on talents management. Implanting an automatized administration process, it releases you from time-consuming tasks and above all, it allows you to take time to accompany your collaborators to develop their skills. From now on, HR, financial and administrative departments use the same HRIS to have a better and global vision of the company and to improve its efficiency.

Eurécia made by and for SMEs

Your company: SME or subsidiary of a large corporation (between 5 and 5,000 employees). Your ambition: Improve and optimize your personnel administration management by structuring and automatizing your management and HR processes.

An efficient and evolutive application

Each module of Eurécia is an answer to a specific need, for personnel administration and skills management, and it also gives you an idea of work life quality. Thanks to Eurécia’s different offers, you can create your own customized HRIS that will answer to your expectations. By its flexibility and modularity Eurécia support your company as it increases and develop.

An easy to use HRIS and fully configurable.

Collaborators and managers are much more independent in the management of administrative tasks. In fact, they do not need to request HR department again if they want to know how many days-off they have left or ask for a refund of an expense report. The software is configurated according to your HR management rules. Your management rules will be respected thanks to automatic controls, you also have access to the entire history of your requests, and that make your HR and administrative processes even more reliable.

Eurécia releases employees from administrative management

Earn up to 35% efficiency

By simplifying and digitizing your administrative management, you allow the central departments (HR, administrative and financial in particular) to save precious time on repetitive tasks and tasks without real added value. Automatized circuits of validation and workflows allows to decrease risks of errors and loss of information principally because it reduces paper exchange’s, e-mails and copy/paste.

Optimize your return on investment (ROI)

You only pay for what you need and what you really use. Your fixed monthly fee changes depending on HRIS users and how many modules you use that means less charges and expenses for you.

HR software available as a Software as a Service (SaaS): enjoy the cloud’s advantages

Modules are 100% available as SaaS, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, from your computer, tablet and mobile. You only need internet to access to your private storage page and to the information you need.