Features and functions of Leaves & Absences software

For the employee

  • Online leave requests (leaves, unpaid leaves, sick leaves)
  • Managers receive an automatic notification by email when the request is done
  • Consult their leave balances and leave trackers in real-time
  • Calendars are accessible in real-time (Leaves, absences and activity calendar software)


module conges absences screenshot

For the manager

  • Leave requests approved or rejected. (comments in option)
  • Employees receive an automatic notification by email when the request is approved or rejected.
  • Presences or absences calendar by department or teams
  • Leave and absences history for each employee.
  • Consult status of trackers (“already taken” and “remaining days”) by type of leaves and by employee


conges absences screenshot

For HR and payroll manager and Management

  • Software for managing and planning all types of leaves and absences
  • Assignment by profile: Executives, supervisors, worker
  • Counting in days or hours
  • Assignment of leave rights
  • Several levels of approval available, with delegation management if the manager is absent
  • Consultation of reviews, sum-ups, and dashboards
  • Calculation of leaves and overtime hours, track absenteeism
  • Automatic calculation of the number of restaurant vouchers to order
  • - Export data to a payroll software or any other system (Excel format, PDF and XML) without the need to re-enter some information and eliminates the risk of errors


Additional Features

  • Possibility to configure some automatic rules such as: “obligation to have at least one person of duty in the sales department”
  • Automatic integration with others Eurécia modules for time management and variable payroll elements
  • Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Romanian)