Modules Talent Management

Place the Human back
at the core of HR


Talent management within reachable by the entire company

  • They can easily identify their skills and those expected for their position
  • They have visibility into processes and potential career evolutions
  • They can easily project themselves over long term in the company
  • They are the main reason their team are more competent
  • They propose new and bold ideas in the management of the company's human capital
  • They consolidate the bond and knowledge of its employees
RH Department
  • They have a global vision of the employees
  • They can anticipate employees’ training, skills and recruiting needs
  • They lead talent management and the company skills development




Logiciel GPEC

Skills Module


Analyze the skills of employees according to their jobs and anticipate the company's future needs. You can track skills evolutions and identify opportunities for internal mobility.

Logiciel  gestion des entretiens

Interviews Module


Individual interviews, annual evaluation interviews, professional interviews : Assessing employees' skills and training needs has never been easier !




Logiciel gestion des formations professionnelles

Training Module


Individual interviews, annual evaluation interviews, professional interviews: Assessing employees' skills and training needs has never been easier !

logiciel gestion des recrutements

Hiring Module


Manage the hiring process in a collaborative way: You can analyze vacant positions, requested skills, you can plan recruitment interviews and, track and examine job positions applications/requests.


Talent Management in a company

HCM or talent management: a recent HR concept

Talent management emerged around the 2000s, in a context of hyper-competition and in a shortage of specific skills. Then, companies started to explore ways to remain competitive, attracting people that would help them improve their performances.

What does "talent" refer to? What is talent management and what are the conditions for its success?

What does “talent” mean ?

There is no specific and common definition of corporate talent. In the professional world, talent can be defined as a skill that is different from daily and common skill. As a natural faculty, talent is different from the skill, the skill is naturally acquired.

Talent is perceived as an easy success (where others are failing) and a predisposition (which others do not have). This facility can be linked to a specific field. It’s not necessarily transferable to another. Therefore, it’s in the interest of those talents to be identified, promoted, cultivated and retained by the company.

What is “talent management” ?

It is about the management of these specific capacities. Nowadays, Talent Management is based on the idea that, on one hand, the company needs "high potentials" and, on the other hand, that each one possesses personal talents that must be developed for a better performance of the organization.

HR must conceive and plan a program of development of the talents that the company has and talents the company must acquire. This management is a strategic activity that requires knowing the company's development ambitions and analyzing the available skills.

Those elements are fundamental for talent detection, to know who’s in the right place and who’s not, who’s exploiting its potential to the maximum or not, who’s efficient at its position and what are the missing skills.

The Eurécia talent management software

This software was conceived for a real HCM management. Thanks to its 4 complementary modules, that were made to: identify skills, organize and analyze interviews (collaborators’ evaluations and ambitions), training management and as well as recruitments.


Skills management software: the core of your talent management

The software allows an in-depth analysis of the available skills by analyzing them by job and by collaborator

The long-term objective is to be able to track your collaborators’ evolution, build an action and a training plan, if necessary, or even identify internal mobility opportunities.

The skills references system can be organized by field (technical, managerial, etc.) and by type (soft skills and hard skills). The software allows you to associate skills with positions and collaborators. Key skills are configurable, hence its interest in talent management. At last, a statistical analysis of the workforce on specific skills is available at any time.

Interviews' management software: Asses your talents’ skills and aspirations.

Interviews are an efficient way to identify an organization's human capital and its evolution. From this perspective, the software allows both to assess the performance of employees and to understand better their desires (professional interviews).

In talent management, measuring the efficiency of employees in their positions and knowing where their appetences lie is fundamental. To this end, an overview of the employees' skills and the fact that the interview forms can be customized by job are major strengths of the software.

Training Management Software: Accompany your talents in their careers.

The training has at least three objectives. The first is to optimize the efficiency of employees, the second is to encourage them to increase their skills and the third is to promote their development in their positions. In the end, these projects aim to meet the company's needs for excellence and competitivity.

Hiring Management Software: Recruit new talents for your company

The recruitment of high potentials or missing talents in the company requires both a detailed analysis of the required skills and a precise assessment of the applicants. The software has been developed in a way that allows you to better identify the skills of the vacant position. It also proposes a collaborative assessment of applications.

In a growing complexity of employments and associated skills, good talent management in the company is more necessary than ever. In this approach, HR managers must rely on relevant and dedicated tools, such as talent management software. Because, in addition to the elaboration of the project, you should be able to measure and analyze your HCM processes.