Measure employee well-being
and improve the Quality of Work Life

Quality of Work Life (QWL) concerns are not purely for the benefit of employees:
they also serve to drive company growth


time management at work

Real-time insight
into QWL

  • Provide your mood-of-the-day in a matter of seconds
  • A collaborative tool that helps you collect well-being feedback and tips for improvement
Measure QWL

Leverage your
QWL insight

  • Measure the effectiveness of QWL-boosting actions
  • Promote the importance of Quality of Work Life among your employees
Well-being in the workplace

Improve employee

  • Encourage open dialogue
  • Promote a positive company culture and improve employee engagement


  • Can anonymously share their current mood
  • Feel listened to
  • See their company in a positive light


  • Know how their employees are feeling
  • Can measure their employees' reaction to change
  • Can better improve company performance

HR Department

  • Can measure and track Quality of Work Life
  • Can improve employer branding
  • Is able to contribute to the professional fulfilment of their employees



  • All your HR indicators on a unique software

    The wellbeing module completes Eurécia HR software offer. It measures quality of work life, but it also allows companies to automate HR management: leaves, expense reports, salary files, HCM.

  • A simple and visual way to measure quality of work life

    Employees indicate their mood within a single click, on their personal space on Eurécia software. They access it from their workstation or their mobile, 24 hour a day and 7 days per week. Maintenance and updates are automatic and fully supported by Eurécia.

  • A reliable and secured software

    Telling the mood and sharing feedbacks are anonymous. After having indicate their mood, each employee sees the level of wellbeing in its company or department.




Measure the quality of work life

Quality of life at work: an actual concern

You certainly have heard of it … Whether in the press, or in major national medias, “the quality of work life” or QWL: is what they all talk about. But, what does that circumlocution mean ? Is it a synonym of comfort ? Is it a synonym of a great work life environment or of a new organization of work ? Or is it a global approach that everyone in the company is concerned ?

Why so much interest in QWL ?

The recent interest in this topic comes from the awareness that employee engagement is a source of performance and innovation for the company. The premise says: “if collaborators feel comfortable in their workstation, in their company, they work efficiently.”

It is then a compromise between specific interests of employees and healthy performance of the organization.

What are the objectives of a quality of work life approach ?

To find a compromise between the individual and collective interest of employees and company efficiency, a quality of life at work approach is a systemic approach that has several objectives :

  • Engage employees and engage their commitment to the work environment.
  • Re-enforce coherence of negotiations and social dialogue to reach agreements on topics such as: professional equality, working time and mobility.
  • Manage performance in a different way, considering the company’s social challenges and no longer just productivity objectives.

A definition of quality of work life

Quality of work life can be defined as a collective or individual feeling of wellbeing at work. It’s a multidimensional notion that concede concrete and material aspects such as: working time, salary, premises or time spent in transports with relational aspects such as: work environment, respect, gratitude and meaning or interest of work.

Sur le sujet de l'égalité professionnelle et la qualité de vie au travail, la définition donnée par l'ANI (accord national interprofessionnel signé en juin 2013) est la suivante : « Les conditions dans lesquelles les salariés exercent leur travail et leur capacité à s’exprimer et à agir sur le contenu de celui-ci déterminent la perception de la qualité de vie au travail qui en résulte ».

Measure the quality of work life within the company

QWL criteria

Several major criteria to ensure a quality of life at work :

The quality of the commitment of all, at all levels of the company
Involvement in work, motivation, mobilization.

The quality of the information shared within the company
Transparency of information, regular meetings.

The quality of labor relations
Quality of relationships between coworkers, managers and subordinates, atmosphere, climate of trust.

The quality of relations, built on active social dialogue
Existence and quality of dialogue between management and employee representatives, quality of instance and negotiations.

The quality of the procedures for implementing work organization
Clarity of objectives, possibility of cooperation, adequacy between the content of the position and the profile of the employee.

The quality of the work content
Autonomy, value and meaning given to work.

The quality of the physical environment
Premises, equipment, hardship.

The possibility of realization and personal development
Training policy, professional career, possibility of development.

The possibility of reconciling professional and private life
Actual workload, flexible working hours, working from home, time spent in transport.

Respect for professional equality
Representation of men and women in the company, equal pay, promotional equality.

Determine the relevant criteria for measuring the results of a quality of work life approach

To track QWL developments within an organization, it is necessary to define qualitative and quantitative objectives and to be able to measure the achievement of these objectives. Each company has an organization and issues in terms of quality of life at work that are important to it. It is also necessary to define the approach, and to determine which criteria will be considered and measured.

A simple tool to measure daily well-being

The Wellness module proposed by Eurécia does not focus on the details of the criteria but gives an overall assessment of the well-being felt in the company. By giving everyone the opportunity to freely and anonymously express their level of perceived well-being, the HR department and management have a real-time overview of the company's mood.

Valuation of the QWL approach and consideration of employees The implementation of a well-being measurement tool brings many benefits :

  • The company has an indicator on employee mood and motivation.
  • The HR department or management can measure the effects of actions taken to improve QWL.
  • Social dialogue is facilitated.
  • Employees feel more taken into consideration.

The simple fact of starting a process and making it visible to everyone thanks to a collaborative and fun tool, contributes to improving well-being at work.