Software deployment

Deployment timeline

Your software, complete with its custom setup, is generally delivered within 60 days of the date of your order. This 2-month deadline is provided on a purely indicative basis and encompasses the 5 steps described below:

Your deployment timeline will vary according to the following criteria:

  • The number of modules and options that you subscribed to
  • The complexity of your company’s inner workings and in-house rules (number of employee work hour profiles, specific rules that apply and approval workflows for instance)
  • The pace you set for the exchanges between you and your personal consultant: availability for meetings and training sessions, time needed to fill in the forms provided, to get approval etc.

The deployment timeline tends to vary from one company to another and can be considerably shorter or longer depending on a number of factors.

The speed at which your software is set up hinges not only on your project team’s ability to coordinate adequately with your Eurécia consultant, but also on the availability of information regarding your internal processes.


Step 1-Initial contact: laying the groundwork

Getting acquainted

  • Your personal consultant will be in touch within 48 hours of you signing the contract (online quote sent to your customer account). This first exchange will allow you to plan the first stage of your HRMS project: the inception meeting.

Audit file

  • Your consultant will send you a file titled "Fichier Audit", which you will be asked to fill in before the inception meeting.
  • Don’t worry! This formality simply aims to help you get familiarised with the contents of the audit file, to make you aware of the various information required to set up your software, and so that you can start filling in the information you already have available.

Stage 2–Project inception: defining the project’s scope

Inception meeting/Defining a roadmap/Recap

  • The aim of the inception meeting is to present you with the various stages of the project and schedule them accordingly
  • This is also a good time to go over the audit file with your consultant: they will explain the information requested, take stock of the progress you have made, estimate how long it will take you to fill out the form, and so on.
    In order for the exchange to be as productive as possible, it is necessary for you to have gone over the contents of the audit file beforehand, so that you can ask questions during the meeting and bring up any foreseeable problems.
  • At the end of the inception meeting, you will receive a Word document entitled "Suivi projet CR". This includes a recap of the inception meeting penned by your consultant.
    This liaising document will serve as a communication channel between you and your consultant along the way.

Filling in and validating the audit file

  • Once the inception meeting is over, you can finish completing the audit file. If you have any hesitations or questions your consultant is there to help.
  • Once you have filled in the full audit file and validated its contents internally, you can send the file back to your consultant.
    Now we can begin setting up your software.

Stage 3–Configuring your software and reviewing the settings

  • Your Eurécia consultant will configure the software based on the information you input into the audit file.
    If any information is missing or incomplete, further exchanges will be required.
  • A « settings review » meeting will be scheduled once the configuration process is complete, in order to give you a practical view of the settings that have been implemented. This is also your chance to get to grips with the admin part of the software and confirm whether the current settings are right for you.

Stage 4–Minor adjustments and admin training

  • At this point your software will be up and running. The settings review meeting will enable you to bring up any minor corrections that you deem necessary.
    Some time has been set aside in our schedule for this purpose, in order for your consultant to be able to implement these corrections.
  • Your consultant will then proceed to instruct other in-house Eurécia admins on how to use the software. These are generally people in charge of staff management. The length of the training period depends on the number of modules and options selected.
  • One of the advantages of starting with this test setup is that it allows you to pinpoint any last-minute changes that need implementing. If this were to be the case, your consultant will proceed to do so before your subscription period begins.

Stage 5–Going live / your subscription begins

  • After proceeding to tweak the software as requested, your consultant will deliver the final version to you.
  • Your subscription begins at this point in time.
    Please note that your subscription must start within 2 months of your order being placed, unless otherwise stated.


Post-delivery support/Satisfaction survey

  • Your personal consultant will remain your contact person for 30 days after delivery. They can be reached if you have any questions or doubts.
  • At the end of this time, a post-project assessment is carried out.
    From this point onwards, your consultant will be handing over to customer service (support). They will be in charge of providing you with guidance throughout your time as a Eurécia customer.
  • 90 days after the software has been delivered and your subscription has started, you will be contacted by a Eurécia partner tasked with assessing your level of satisfaction with the deployment process and the 3 months of use.