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Build an efficient training plan
for your employees



An intuitive and collaborative
training management software


gestion du temps en entreprise

Save time on training management

  • Automatic calculation of training costs
  • Employees and managers propose new and bold ideas in the management of training courses


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Build an efficient
training plan

  • Training budget is well controlled
  • Tracking of expenses by nature, establishment and financing system
  • Assessment of acquired skills
 Améliorer le bien-être au travail

Improve team skills and commitment

  • Identification of training needs
  • Adequacy of the training program catalogue with the expectations of your employees and managers
  • Assessment of attended training courses
  • They can view training program catalogue
  • They benefit of trainings that are in adequacy with their positions and their career evolutions
  • They can assess each attended training
  • They realize the training requests of their teams
  • They can view attended training courses history
  • They accompany their team in acquiring skills
HR Department
  • They manage the program catalogue and define annual training plan
  • They determine annual budget and track the evolution of the expenses realized
  • They approve acquired skills at the end of a training course



  • An evolutive and flexible HRIS

    Entirely configurable, Eurécia's software can be adapted to your HR and accounting management rules. You can add new modules et users according to your company needs and as it increases.

  • A collaborative and easy to use solution

    As an essential tool that connect CEOs, managers and collaborators, the HRIS Eurécia, is available 24 hours per day, and 7 days a week, on computers, tablets and mobile. Software maintenance and upgrades are automatic and fully supported by Eurécia.

  • A reliable and secure software

    On the market for more than 12 years, Eurécia has more than 100 000 users in 1100 different companies. Security and confidentiality of your data are guaranteed.




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They choose simplicity for their HR processes

More than 1100 companies, administrations, SMEs, or even associations choose Eurécia to simplify their HR management

Aurélie Piat
Payroll Manager - Videlio

Eurécia’s consultants were very efficient! They adapted the software to our needs. It made a real difference.

Charlotte Renouvel
Human Ressources manager - Seureca Véolia

Adopting Eurécia in our company hase simplified our lives. We earned a work day a week on absences and business trips management.



Organize corporate training

Companies’ interest for training does not decrease

In 2016, 82% of SME managers that did not have a training plan yet, were considering implementing one. But, 3 obstacles were mentioned by companies: lack of time (65%), lack of funds (31%) and complexity of the process (25%).

Can a software remove lack of time and complexity barriers? What is the exact contribution of Eurécia software in training management? Which training mechanisms are concerned?

A complexity linked to training processes diversity

However, the shape or period of a contract employment, your collaborator has access to a training course on their working time. But, its legal status (its obligations towards the company, its salary, its social protection) as well as the type of training funding, they vary.

Training course can either be part of the training plan of the company, or part of the Personal Training Account of your collaborator.

Training objective: to adapt or to upgrade skills ?

There are 2 types of corporate trainings: or, they are intended to improve your employees' adaptability to their workstation, to maintain them in their employment or to track the evolution of their employment.

In that case, employer must adapt their employees to their working position, those training will happen during working time. Salary and status of the collaborator do not change.

Or, they must upgrade your collaborators skills. Those trainings can be realized during working time or outside working time (with collaborator approval and limited to 80 hours/year).

Training hours completed during working time are paid at the normal rate, while those followed outside working time are paid as a training allowance.

It exists different types of corporate training :

This may include :
- Internships
- Professionalization periods: they encourage professional growth and employee retention through a practical and academic training program
- Validation of Acquired Experience actions: an agreement is then signed between your company, your employee and the organization in charge of the VAE. The VAE cannot be realized without the employee's agreement and its refusal cannot be a reason for dismissal
- Skills reviews: as with VAE, the review cannot be realized without the employee's agreement or be a reason for dismissal


A training management software to save-time

Depending on the type of the corporate training course (internship, professionalization period, VAE, Skills review) its funding and objectives varies (adaptation to the job or skills upgrading).

Eurécia software was elaborated to allow you to have a global and detailed view and manage your training plan entirely. Powerful and intuitive, it accompanies you in yours and collaborators choices, it manages the requests and follows your budget.

A global vision of corporate training.

Depending on your needs, it gives you access to training costs and duration, to the in-training course collaborator list. You can filter to do a research by actions, or status.

Either planned or real, costs are automatically calculated. You have access to details of the planned and actual amounts, by type of training and funding system You also have access to a detailed sum-up of training costs (by nature, funding system and per year).

Automatize administrative processes linked to professional training

Thanks to automatized processes, you can easily manage every training request: approve (with total cost) or reject.

You also can track the budget thanks to distinctive budget lines and track the distribution of different types of expenses (pedagogical ones, professional expense, salary).

An intuitive and efficient software especially made for SME

In SMEs, where activity is very sustained, complexity is not very welcomed. On the other hand, the company often needs to increase its competitivity, promote intern mobility, support collaborators well-being and motivation.

Therefore, is fundamental for a software to allows training to remain at the core of HR actions.