Details of timesheet management software features

For the employee

  • Assign time spent (in hours or days), by period and by client, project, task or subtask
  • Automatic email notification of assignments to the manager
  • Consultation of time by activities, clients and projects


temps et activites responsive


For the manager

  • Budget tracking. Integration of hourly or daily costs, pre-billing
  • Approval or rejection of team members' imputations
  • Declaratory entry of arrival and departure times (“clocking in" in hours or days)
  • Tracking of hours worked, overtime, night work, or on-call duty
  • Automatic notification by email of the approval of entries to the employee
  • Time and activity history by employees, customers, projects, tasks or activities
  • Consultation of summaries, reports and various dashboards


temps et activites responsive 2

For the HR or financial manager

  • Tracking and calculation of working time, overtime and compensatory rest period
  • Budget tracking (actual vs. planned) with gross and net margin calculation in relation to cost and selling price
  • Pre-billing by periods, customers and projects
  • Automatic tracking and counting of overtime, night, on-call and on-call hours
  • Harmonization of time tracking processes
  • Respect of regulatory constraints (labor inspection)
  • Analysis and tracking of working times by customers/projects/tasks
  • Consultation of summaries, reports and various dashboards

Additional features and functions

  • Possibility to manage different types of account assignment units: time, tokens etc. with elementary cost partner (for valuation or customer re-invoicing)
  • Automatic integration with other Eurécia services
  • Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian etc.)