A collaborative CV database
that makes recruiting a breeze

Manage your hiring process from start to finish
with an all-in-one solution



recruitment time

Save time
on recruitment

  • Vacant positions and job board offers can be viewed at a glance
  • Applications are automatically collected and sorted
  • Built-in CV database interfaces with our competency mapping solution
hiring process optimisation

Structure your
hiring process

  • Plan job interviews in accordance with your decision making process
  • Collaborative applicant management with post-interview assessments
well-being in the workplace

Applicant tracking,
made easy

  • Manage your recruitment campaigns (applicant history, interviews,  interview debriefs, decision-making)
  • View recruitment campaign analysis and reports


Employees or applicants

  • Are presented with a clear job description that includes a list of required skills
  • Benefit from a streamlined recruitment process
  • HR can promote staff from within when opportunities arise


  • Lay out job requirements for the vacant position
  • Screen applications, schedule interviews and assess job applicants
  • Candidate assessment is made easier thanks to skills assessment tools

HR departement

  • Has job descriptions and lists of required skills at their disposal
  • Publishes vacant positions on various job boards
  • Is able to easily uncover internal or external talent



  • HR software designed to grow with you

    Eurécia’s fully customisable solution can be set up according to the inner workings of your company and its various departments. Simply add new modules and users as your company grows and your needs evolve.

  • A collaborative solution, available any time, any place

    Eurécia, an essential HRIS tool that connects CEOs, HR managers and staff, is available to use 24/7, whether via desktop, tablet or mobile. And as a cloud-based SAAS solution, all updates and upgrades are rolled out automatically!

  • Your security is our priority

    Eurécia is trusted by over 200,000 end users and 2,000 firms. We’ve been keeping our clients’ data safe and secure for over 15 years, and guarantee we’ll do the same for you.




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They've gone for simplicity

Over 2,000 companies, public administrations and charities, of various sizes and from a broad range of industries, have chosen Eurécia as their HR management solution.

Aurélie Piat
Payroll Manager—Videlio

Eurécia’s consultants were very efficient! They adapted the software to our needs, which made a world of difference.

Thierry Decloquement
Managing Director—DG Diffusion

When selecting an HRIS for our company, our number one concern was simplicity.

That part was non-negotiable.


Hiring: conditions of success

Recruitment as a strategical tool

While recruitment can be considered as a time consuming, demanding and risky task, it also is an innovative, strategic, and developing tool. Recruitment requires skills, time but also tools. The need for analysis and anticipation, the precise comprehension of positions and skills are among the issues raised by each recruitment. And not to mention a good understanding of the work practices, the professions and the expectations of the applicants.

In this challenging approach, a recruitment software allows to automate tasks that limits risks. It simplifies applications management and allows you to focus on strategical aspects as sourcing.

Hiring: Define the need, the project and the profile

When determining the need for hiring, the first step is to define the position. Except in the case of a new position, it is to be fully defined since a recruitment is an opportunity to review the description of a function.

The second step is to delimit the position, for example: its place in the organizational chart, the results to be reached, the daily tasks, the challenges and list the main interlocutors of the upcoming employee.

The question of skills then arises: what skills are needed to reach the expected results ?

Applicant’s profile then can be defined: which skills are essential, and which one are needed? What are the must-have qualities? How much experience the function needs? What levels and type of training are required ?

Finally, all these elements must be formalized in the job offer.

Communicate on recruitment issues

During a recruitment exchanges with managers are necessary but often complicated. Complementary postures are in opposition because concerns are not the same. Managers, Team leaders must manage with urgent requests, while HR must anticipate, and they are conscient of risk taking. The first ones expect a quick response to an immediate recruitment need, while the second ones they have a global vision of the company, in mid and long term.

For operational staff, the challenge is to find an applicant ready to start immediately and the applicant must share values while HR department are more focus on skills and they pay attention to the potential for career development.

Finally, while HR managers anticipate an attractive compensation that will convince the candidate, operational staff are concerned about managing the wage bill. All these elements argue in favor of exchanges between HR and managers, needed for the success of the project.


Save-time on hiring and limit risks

In companies with more than 100 employees, recruitment is frequently externalized because it is perceived as technically difficult and time-consuming from an administrative point of view. Therefore, the Eurécia recruitment software is conceived as a genuine tool for managing the company's missions, employees and skills.

A Collaborative and online job board

Recruitment process is optimized, thanks to its collaborative processing of applications, to job interviews calendar and assessments of applicants’ skills.

. Intuitive and secured, the HR software helps you to elaborate job descriptions sheets: characteristics and required skills.

It centralized applications, plan them and tracks the entire recruitment campaign: exchanges, interviews, reviews and final decision.

Develop and anticipate management

Having a clear vision of the required skills assures a great efficiency. In a similar way, a simplified internal communication, administrated applications and an efficient CV database optimize hiring process. Among benefits of this management you can also find: a bigger availability and a greater receptivity. This gives HR managers the opportunity to focus on the strategic dimension of recruitment.

A good hiring management is important

Hiring involves the company's responsibility. It also determines its efficiency. Because of lack of profiles or skills, sometimes some recruitments can be challenging. That is why, to be successful in such a context, processes need to be reinvented, simplified and adequately configured.