module Feedback

Quality of work life : encourage and reward the work of each individual

Quality of Work Life (QWL) concerns are not purely for the benefit of employees:
they also serve to drive company growth


time management at work

Real-time insight
into QWL

  • Provide your mood-of-the-day in a matter of seconds
  • A collaborative tool that helps you collect well-being feedback and tips for improvement
Measure QWL

Leverage your
QWL insight

  • Measure the effectiveness of QWL-boosting actions
  • Promote the importance of Quality of Work Life among your employees
Well-being in the workplace

Improve employee

  • Encourage open dialogue
  • Promote a positive company culture and improve employee engagement


  • Can anonymously share their current mood
  • Feel listened to
  • See their company in a positive light


  • Know how their employees are feeling
  • Can measure their employees' reaction to change
  • Can better improve company performance

HR Department

  • Can measure and track Quality of Work Life
  • Can improve employer branding
  • Is able to contribute to the professional fulfilment of their employees