Features and functions of Travelling and Expense report management software

For the employee

  • Intuitive expense report data entry
  • Imputation of expenses by project, client or activity accounts
  • Automatic calculation of expenses to be refunded
  • Sends approval requests to the manager with automatic notification by email
  • Consultation of the expense report history and tracking of the acceptance system in real time
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For the manager

  • Approval or rejection of the expense report (with optional comments) - several levels possible
  • Automatic email notification of the answer to the employee
  • History of expense reports per employee
  • Analysis and consultation of charges by processing period, expense category, collaborators
  • Consultation of reviews, sum-ups, and dashboards

For management team, accounting department and HR manager

  • Accelerated and simplified expense refund management process
  • Probative value of expense documents: digitized documents have the same legal value as original papers
  • Definition of expense refund terms, according to their nature: kilometric scale, real/actual costs
  • Automatic calculation of expenses to be refunded
  • Track evolution of expenses by period, nature, employees or teams
  • Distribution of business expenses between various accounts by period and type (transport, accommodation, parking, food costs, etc.)
  • Exporting data to accounting
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Additional features

  • Multi-currency entries with automatic application of exchange rates between currencies
  • Management of refund scales for kilometric expenses that can be configured by company
  • Re-invoicing clients
  • Automatic activation of the refund process
  • An interface with all external software or information systems reunited (Excel format, PDF and XML) without the need to re-enter some information and eliminates the risk of errors
  • Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Romanian)