Module Expense reports

Refund business expenses


You no longer need to chase collaborators for expense reports



gestion du temps en entreprise
Save time on expense reports management
  • Refund requests and approvals: fast and simple
  • Refunds are automatically calculated
  • Accounting department is less requested
Fiabiliser les processus de gestion
Reliability of accounting expense reports
  • Defined limits and automated spending control rules
  • History of expenses by employee, customer, project etc.
  • Expense reports exported to the payroll software
Améliorer le bien-être au travail
Simplify your accounting management
  • Multi-currency management with exchange rate application
  • Recoverable VAT is automatically calculated.
  • Customizable reports with high level expenses’ analysis.
  • They can send their refund requests with a single click
  • They can transfer documents from a smartphone
  • They have access to the history of their refunds
  • They immediately know when one of their collaborators make a new request
  • They can manage spending budgets over time, by project, client etc
  • They approve refunds very easily
Accounting department
  • They define the conditions for expense reports refunds
  • They receive an alert if rules of refund approval are not respected
  • They can generate transfer orders in SEPA



  • An evolutive and flexible HRIS

    Entirely configurable, Eurécia's software can be adapted to your HR and accounting management rules. You can add new modules et users according to your company needs and as it increases.

  • A collaborative and easy to use solution

    As an essential tool that connect CEOs, managers and collaborators, the HRIS Eurécia, is available 24 hours per day, and 7 days a week, on computers, tablets and mobile. Software maintenance and upgrades are automatic and fully supported by Eurécia.

  • A reliable and secure software

    On the market for more than 12 years, Eurécia has more than 100 000 users in 1100 different companies. Security and confidentiality of your data are guaranteed.


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They choose simplicity for their HR processes

More than 1100 companies, administrations, SMEs, or even associations choose Eurécia to simplify their HR management

Aurélie Piat
Payroll Manager - Videlio

Eurécia’s consultants were very efficient! They adapted the software to our needs. It made a real difference.

Charlotte Renouvel
Human Ressources manager - Seureca Véolia

Adopting Eurécia in our company hase simplified our lives. We earned a work day a week on absences and business trips management.



Expense reports management software : information and details

Expense reports: an easy and efficient accountant management

You're a CFO, Accounting Director or senior manager and you manage between 20 and 5,000 employees and you want to save money on the costs of processing the business expenses of your employees and teams by simplifying and standardizing the entry and processing of expense reports.

The average cost of processing an expense report is estimated between 20€ and 60€. The “professional expenses” are in the top three business expenses.

Our module Expense Reports simplifies and makes the expense report process more reliable from the expense report itself to the transfer of data to accounting. It automatically calculates the amounts to be refunded, the VAT, the recoverable VAT, the number of meal vouchers to be deducted, etc.

Tracking, management and analysis of expense report costs

You are an administrative manager, an accountant etc. By using Eurécia expense report management :

  • You normalize your expense report management processes
  • You do not have to re-enter any information already entered
  • You automatize the recoverable VAT
  • You avoid any risk of recovery

You have an analytic vision of expenses structured by department, structure, user, product or project. You have better control over your costs. At any time, you can edit reports and dashboards. You control this management more efficiently.


The expense report: A simplified process

The Expense report software simplifies the work life of the company

Your collaborators enter very easily their expenses, attached them to an analytic account, they can put if there was any guest (intern or extern) to a dinner. They immediately know how much they will be refund, and an email will be sent to the manager. The process of approval manages until 5 levels of intervention.

The system automatically calculates the amount considering the currency (for travels in a foreign country) and permitted limits.

Expense report status are available in real-time for your collaborators, they also can join files scans or pictures, they can even add some comments.


You can easily customize the expense schedule (type of expenses, kilometers expenses, refund limit, VAT rate).

That way, you avoid re-enter any information you already entered before, and you avoid risk of errors when you’ll send data to an extern software.

Benefits at all levels

On the management side, your managers and controllers have a fair and analytical view of all the costs of their department.

On the personnel side, your employees gain in autonomy, speed, are refund more quickly and they can devote themselves entirely to their core business.