Details of timesheet management software features

Details of features of the calendar software.

  • Booking of meeting rooms, conferences, video projectors, offices, etc.
  • Management of various calendars (shared for example between service providers and customers)
  • Making commercial appointments (by an assistant or tele-actor)
  • Project calendars, activity assignment.


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Main features

  • Enter events (appointments, meetings, booking) from a calendar.
  • Display events in calendar view (daily, weekly, monthly or annual)
  • Activity planning by client, project and resource
  • Management of recurring events
  • List of appointments/reservations by company, date and resource
  • Sorting and advanced search functions by event, type, resource, priority level, etc.
  • Possibility to add detailed information to each event (additional information, type of event, importance, attached file, etc.)
  • Management of participants or internal and external parties
  • Notification of appointments / bookings by email
  • Sending (optional) reminder emails before the appointment or event
  • Consultation of summaries, reports and various dashboards.


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Additional features

  • Interface with all software or external system of information (export functions to excel format, csv, PDF and XML) – delete re-entering information step and its associated risk of errors
  • Possibility to share the access to calendars to external people (clients, suppliers) via synchronization with Google Calendar or Microsoft exchange
  • Manage public holidays and no-worked days
  • Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Spanish and Romanian).